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"What Every Chronic Pain Sufferer Ought To Know."

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  1. What is pain?

  2. Coping.

  3. Relaxation.

  4. Laughter.

  5. Nutrion for chronic pain.

  6. Coping with the Depression of chronic pain.

  7. Managing sleep problems associated with chronic pain.

  8. Magnetic Therapy for chronic pain.

  9. Musical Massage Sound Therapy for chronic pain.

  10. An excellent resource for chronic pain sufferers.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

"I have had to retire because of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This treatment is better than anything else, even prescriptions."

Julie Garcia,

Concorde, CA


"Best thing I have ever had. Relief began immediately, and just got better.."

Bill Stemmons,

Sunset, UT




Welcome to the Pain Relief Center, the Physician Owned Website, that offers pain relief products which are proving to be effective for many with Chronic Pain.

My name is Boyce N. Berkel, M.D., and I back my products with an unconditional money-back guarantee.

You will find "a wealth of information" in the FREE e-mailed reports entitled - "What Every Chronic Pain Sufferer Ought to Know." These reports will not only prove to be helpful and informative, but will also serve you as a valuable resource and reference tool.

Feel free to contact me with any additional questions you may have, as I am committed to helping you find relief.


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Many are getting relief who thought they never could. Now its your turn. Send for your free sample of this new, effective, proven, cream.

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PainBreak 2 for 1 Special


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"Everything You Want To Know About Arthritis, But Did Not Know Whom To Ask"

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Rose M. Santa Maria of Clearwater, Florida has been suffering with arthritis for over fifty-five years. Here is what she has to say about this proven product:


Rose M. SantaMaria
Clearwater, FLA

"PainBreak© is the best! For years I could not sleep well because of pain. Using PainBreak©, I woke up every morning not only rested and refreshed, but best of all...

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"I have tried a number of commercial products over the years, but your PainBreak has been the most helpful. It is a welcome addition to creams for arthritis, that is long overdue."

Nancy McLane,

St. Petersburg, FLA

Neck/Back Pain

"I could hardly make it through the day without PainBreak. I use it everytime my neck gets tight. It gives me instant relief."

Diana Heard,

Sandy, UT


"I'm amazed at the prompt effectiveness, and long lasting relief. I'm delighted at the pleasant aroma and the non-sticky, non-staining quality. I can apply it and go anywhere immediately without embarrassing smells, and or stains. Best of all, it's natural."

Cynthia Graham,

Oldsmar, FLA

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