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"What Every PHN Sufferer Ought To Know."
Report Contents:

What causes Shingles and PHN?

What You Need to Know About The Varicella Virus

How a Strong Immune System Helps You Resist The Varicella Zoster Virus.

How to Strengthen Your Immune System.

How to Cope With the Pain of PHN.

Emerging Treatments for PHN.

A Positive Way to Start Your Day.

Nutritional Programs for PHN.

Larreastat - Natural Treatment for Herpes.

Coping With the Depression of PHN

Managing Sleeping Problems of PHN.

A Helpful Resource for Chronic Pain Sufferers.

Bonus Report
Magnetic Therapy for PHN?

Dr. Boyce N. Berkel
Boyce N Berkel, MD

"Just A Soothing Feeling!"

I experienced a very soothing feeling the first time I Used PainBreak. Up until then, I had never found anything in medicine that gave relief. It's been 3 years now since I had the shingles, and my doctor said it was the worst case he had seen. Thanks for PainBreak, and for some relief. I am sending for another tube.

Marie Salisbury,
West Monroe, Louisiana.


"To Find Out More About Shingles!"


"Allows You a Good Night's Sleep."

Here's How PainBreak® Is Made, and How It Will Benefit You:

1st. We start off with De-iodized Water. This is the purest form of water known to man, and it benefits you in 4 ways. I'll tell you about these in a minute, but first let me tell you how de-iodized water is made.

De-iodized Water is Purified in Four Stages

Stage 1
Biologically safe water is passed through an activated carbon filter which is impregnated with a high grade of pure silver. This removes chlorine, particulate matter, and bacteria.
Stage 2
This water is further sterilized by passing it through an ultraviolet ray to kill the remaining bacteria.
Step 3
Next the water is passed through a pipeline of permanent magnets. This activation process softens the water, and increases its electrical activity.
Step 4
Finally the water is passed through an ionizer, which produces alkaline water. This alkaline water is rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants protect the tissues from further free-radical damage.

Using De-iodized Water Gives You The Following Four Distinct Benefits…

  1. Your body is alkaline. Chronic inflammation and infection sets up an acid state in your tissues in the area of inflammation and infection. De-iodized water helps to restore your tissues to a normal, healthy, alkaline state.
  2. It is rich in oxygen and calcium, and other positive minerals such as potassium, magnesium and others. These minerals are essential in maintaining healthy tissues.
  3. Ionization cuts the size of the water molecule cluster in half, making it more permeable and easily absorbed into your tissues, thus helping to restore moisture.
  4. It is a superb antioxidant. Antioxidants protect your tissues from further free-radical damage.

2nd. We added 5 moisturizers. Your skin and soft tissues are 70% water...they function best, and are most healthy when well hydrated. Any effort to improving your condition must include restoring your tissues to as healthy a state as is possible, and moisture is of primary importance.

3rd. Included in PainBreak® are 6 nutrient packed ingredients that include the following vitamins. Vitamin B-complex (these are vital in maintaining healthy nerves). Vitamins A, C, and E(which are essential in maintaining healthy tissues).

"Especially at Night!"

I have used 3 tubes of PainBreak, and it has helped so much... Especially at night.

Evelyn L. Addis - Sun City Center, FL

4th. Last, but not least are the active ingredients - menthol, and methylsalicylate. They act as counterirritants, inhibiting the transmission of pain through your nerves.

PainBreak's® 19 ingredients make it unique. It is unlike any other topical analgesic anywhere. Nothing even comes close. That is why PainBreak® is becoming the treatment of choice for many post herpetic neuralgia sufferers, and it may very well become "Your Treatment of Choice" as well.

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