Deidre Groth
University of Utah

"...as many times as the therapists have to wash their hands throughout the day, you can imagine how much they appreciate a good moisturizing cream."

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Questions You Have...Answers You Need!

QUESTION: Besides dry skin, what other skin problems does Stevens Skin Softener Cream relieve?

ANSWER: We have observed Stevens Skin Cream to relieve over 30 skin conditions. Among them, Dermatitis, Dry Skin After Radiation Therapy, Sunburn, Dry Itchy Scalp, Geriatric Skin, Diabetic Skin Care, and Surgery Sites (for improved wound healing), Diaper Rash. Click here for complete list.

QUESTION: I have sensitive skin.  Is Stevens Skin Cream safe for me?

ANSWER: Unless you have an allergy to one of the 17 ingredients (which are mostly natural), Stevens Skin Cream is probably safe for you. It has been tested by Products Safety Labs, and found to be Hypoallergenic.  For a quick overview of these ingredients, click here.

QUESTION: I have oily skin. Should I use Stevens Cream?

ANSWER: Yes! Every type of skin, even oily skin needs lubrication to protect it against the natural loss of water, and moisturizing to hydrate it. Oiliness does not hydrate nor lubricate.

QUESTION: What makes Stevens Cream Work So Well?

ANSWER: Stevens Skin Softener Cream consists of 17 mostly natural ingredients that work synergistically to moisturize, lubricate, nourish, protect, soften and soothe your skin. It works so well, because it provides a healthy environment for the skin - on the surface, and deep into the subcutaneous tissue. Natural Jojoba, Sweet Almond, and Avocado Oils are highly compatible to the skinís natural lubricating oils (smaller, heavier molecular structure allows deeper penetration). Go to Benefits to find out more.

QUESTION: What if I use Stevens Cream for 30 days as you suggest, and I'm not pleased with the results?

ANSWER: You are allowed to use Stevens Skin Cream for up to 90 days at my risk. Since we are all different, it may take some longer to achieve the desired results than others. Please see our Better Than RISK-FREE Money Back Guarantee.

QUESTION: Does Stevens Cream provide long lasting relief?

ANSWER: As long as Stevens Cream is used on a regular basis, see Benefits, it will provide relief from the dryness and itching. It should not be regarded as a cure.

QUESTION: How does Stevens Cream save me money?

ANSWER: Stevens Skin Cream is highly concentrated, making it an excellent value. It will last two to three times longer than other skin creams of similar size. Not only that, the skin softening effects last for over eight hours, reducing the need for frequent re-applications.

Question: My concern is: is it safe during pregnancy?

Answer: Stevens Skin Softener Cream is safe to use during pregnancy, and when your bundle of joy arrives, it will be safe to use on his/her delicate skin as well.

Question: How long has Stevens Cream been on the market:

Answer: Stevens Skin Softener Cream was first produced in 1988.

Question: Why should I choose Stevens Skin Softener Cream over other creams?

Answer: It has no Lanolin, Petrolatum, nor Mineral Oil which clog your pores. Instead its 17 mostly natural ingredients contain oils that are similar in molecular structure to sebum, your skin's natural oil. It therefore readily penetrates your skin, taking in 6 moisturizers, as well as antioxidants, antiseptics, and B-Vitamin nutrients.

Question: Why do you recommend Stevens Cream?

Answer: It WORKS!!!

Question: Can Stevens Skin Softener Cream be used on the face too?

Answer: Yes! Stevens Cream can be used on your face. In addition to it's therapeutic application, Stevens Cream has cosmetic applications as well. It can be used as Makeup Base, a Night Cream, a Moisturizer, and a Cuticle Softener.

This makes Stevens Skin Softener Cream a Total Therapy for beautiful and healthy skin, in one formula.



"The AAWP endorses Stevens Skin Care Products as a good cream for dry skin"
Dr. Corinne Dauderer
(former Vice President - AAWP)


Karen Hurley

"...after using Stevens Skin Cream for just one week I've noticed a welcome difference in skin softness."

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